| Jacket ZARA | Sweater FILIPPA K | Jeans ZARA | Heels FENDI | Bag CHANEL |
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All good things come to end and so did my week off in the snow. On the last day there was nothing but blue skies and sunshine, such an gorgeous contrast with the white landscape. Just like this jacket is. This baby blue number is the perfect transseasonal piece. Warm enough for the cold mornings we are still have but in a shade that’s already a link to summer. Worn with thights and my furry Fendi heels all winter appropriate but also ready for jeans and sandals. I’m ready to be home again. | Jacket ZARA | Dress ASOS | Thights WOLFORD | Heels FENDI | Sunnies CHANEL | . . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST |
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Wearing double jackets is the way to go these days. It’s perfect for this strange winter/fall weather we have to endure this February. Kinda crazy thinking that this time last year the weather was all snow and freezing temperatures. Luckily the weather gods decided to be kind this year, almost just a kind as the fashion gods. They were for sure on my side when I scored my latest shoe obsession, these furry Fendi’s. I love how they perfectly balance this look, from ripped jeans to dressy coat, all glued together like it was meant to be. | Jacket ZARA | Blazer H&M | Sweater ZARA | Jeans ZARA | Heels FENDI | . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST |
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