Last Saturday I was invited by Volvo to watch the show of couturier Claes Iversen at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. I already was a fan before but this show proved to me why I loved his work in the first place and why it is so important to keep couture alive. It’s hard to discribe the feeling of such a gorgeous show, like with so many things in life you have to see it with your own eyes to really see and feel the art come to life. The flowing fabrics, the beaded fringes, the poping colors, the music, just like magic.


Last picture: Me and Claes Iversen.

I was wearing: | Sweater Kenzo Icons | Skirt Zara | Heels Dune | Bag Chanel | Sunnies Chanel | Bracelets Speechless | Ring Piedras Amsterdam | Necklace Zara |



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