The best gifts are the ones that come unexpected. So when I was out shopping with my sister last week we both fell for this beautiful dress. And after we both tried it on, we were in love, something that doesn’t happen very often because our taste is slightly different. And after I decided not to buy the dress because I had just agreed with myself the day before not to buy more clothes this month, my sister decided we both had to had this dress and she was going to give it to me, period. Well, I couldn’t resist that so thats how I ended up with this gorgeous dress after all. Lucky me! Sadly my sister couldn’t find the time today to pose with me but soon you will see us both wearing this dress.


Photo’s by Lex Selman


 Dress: H&M Trend, Shoes: Zara, Clutch: Zara, Ring: YSL, Bracelet: H&M



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