Time to bring back casual friday! Now that we’re all loving the trends from back in the nineties I also plead for bringing back Casual Friday. Or was it never gone? Anyway, this season there are a numerous of comfortable items to shop and to wear. Like these sort of sweatpants from Zara. Yes they are made of the most comfortable cotton fabric but they are also structured at the waist and knees just to give them a little more day wear appeal. Worn with my favorite bikerjacket and my most comfortable high heels of the moment (my favorite pair for this winter already) it’s the perfect outfit for my own casual Friday. Cause my Friday’s usually consist of running arrants, grocery shopping, cleaning and getting some work done, I want to be comfortable yet stylish. And for me, this outfit just does all that.


| Jacket ZARA | Top COS | Pants ZARA | Heels ZARA | Bag CHANEL | Sunglasses H&M |




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