About a year ago I bought this pair of boyfriend jeans. In just a matter of time they became my favorite pair, wearing at least twice every week. I really loved  them because of the baggy fit, the perfect wash and the distressed parts that give a nice edge to all of my outfits. And now I’m still wearing them on a regular base, not only are they about the only pair that still fits me, they are still major comfortable. Ok, the are not so baggy any more, in fact, more of a tight fit now but they fit my body perfectly. These days I like to call them my momfriend instead of boyfriend. Hopefully one day they will transform back again.


| Blouse ZARA Men | Jeans ZARA | Heels DOLCE&GABBANA | Scarf CHANEL | Clutch HEMA | Sunnies PRADA |



  1. July 19, 2016 by Delia

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  2. October 14, 2016 by

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  4. A new refrigerator would be absolutely awesome for us. Our current fridge has been around the block (and across the country!) more than once. Hubby does his best to keep it running but I’m sure one day it’ll give up the ghost!

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