As promised some pictures taken on Saturday night in Brussels. As any girl should know we only manged to shoot some super quick shots wihle the taxi was waiting outside. So nothting fancy to show you.  And because I didn’t dare to bring my Nikon with me to the club all the other pictures were taking with my Iphone.  But he, as you can see we had a blast and my new shoes didn’t disappoint, they kept me dancing all night long.

So if you ever visit Brussels or planning to don’t miss out on our favorite hotspots: Belga Queen (pic 3+4) and Spirito Martini (pic 5+6) .


| Top COS | Skirt Zara | Shoes Mango | Clutch Zara | Earrings Asos | Ring YSL | Bracelets and Necklace worn as a a Bracelet Dior | Leather Jacket Zara |


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