Like every fashionista (so it seemed) I was searching for the ultimate espadrille this summer, the Chanel version. But after a very disappointing search that led me across Paris, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Almost afraid of asking what I was searching for, all I got to hear was, SOLD OUT, you’re to late, everyone else was here before you, you’re never gonna find a pair anymore, come back in September and so on. So I gave up, bought myself a pair of two at H&M, but  you know, it just wasn’t the same. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my H&M espadrilles and I’m not such a label snob that only wants to wear designer but when I set my mind to something I just can’t seem to let it go so easily. So I kept my eyes open, searched all over the internet and then I found them (or, as I like to think, they found me, stupid I know), when you least expect it, BOOM, they landed at my doorstep. So call of the search!


| Espadrilles CHANEL |

If you’re also looking for a pair, you can still find them on ebay.



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