Looks like summer and flat shoes go really well together these days. Last year I was sort of forced to wear more flat shoes, something that I really looked up to since I’m a very attached to my high heels. But, against all odds, I really got the hang of it and now I have to admit that I’m really becoming a sneaker fan. Although I really try to stay away from the more traditional jeans and sneaker combo. No, I like to keep it feminine by wearing them with skirts and dresses. And this is by far my favorite combination now, perfect for walking around with a stroller.

| Top COS | Skirt ZARA | Sneakers CONVERSE | Bag ZARA | Sunnies PRADA |

  1. June 24, 2015 by the style crusader

    Oh my gosh, I love this outfit on you! Cannot believe the bag is from Zara – it is so cool! Also, I really like the sleek fitted skirt paired with Converse. Such a great contrast but it really works!


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