Last week I was still in a French mood because of my last trip to the French country-side and my beloved Paris. As you can see I still channel my inner Frenshionista by wearing a Chloe bag, a Breton striped shirt (one of my all time favorite tops) and my new (old) vintage fur waistcoat I found on my sisters addic that used to belong to my mother, are you still following me haha. Anyway, I really love it, and I have been wearing it almost non-stop since I got it (also in Paris here and here). I think it really gives my outfit the final touch, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.


| Sweater H&M | Fur waistcoat Vintage | Jeans H&M | Bag Chloe | Heels Zara | Sunnies Chanel | Watch Michael Kors | Rings YSL, Asos |




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