What do you say when H&M asks you if you would like to do an exclusive photo shoot for their new H&M Studio Kids line? You say yes of course. And so it happened that on a morning in August, with temperatures rising up to 30 degrees that day, we were shooting these super cool matching fur coats. Circumstances like these brings out the worst in people and shows who the real professionals are. And I have to say, Chloé already is a real professional. The whole time she was smiling, clapping her hands and flirting with the camera. What’s that to say about me? I guess she’s just so used to being photographed all the time that it is just normal and fun to her. And she loves all the attention of course, but then, who does’t. So, before I’m turning into a Kardashian kinda momanager, please stop me :)


 | Photo’s exclusive for Fabulous Mama and –  Photo’s by LEX SELMAN |

| Me: Coat H&M Studio | Chloé: Coat H&M Studio mini-me |

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