Every now and then, mostly when fall or spring starts, I get the desperate urge to change my whole interior. In the fall I like things to be cozy and warm and in spring I want it all to be fresh and clean. All very natural off course and like my closet my interior is ever evolving. Besides a few real design pieces I like to update it every now and then with some more affordable stuff like pillow covers from H&M. So last weekend we went to another favorite Swedisch store of mine, Ikea. Well, thank god for the Swedisch because when you look besides all the cheap stuff they also have a lot of good stuff. Like the “Stockholm” line for example. A bit more expensive then the rest but also a whole lot more design for your money’s worth.

We bought this beautiful coffee table from the Stockholm line and a open cabinet with glass. And now it’all at it’s place I really feel like this is what we were missing all along. I love how some little adjustments can give such a  new vibe to the whole room.  I’m really satisfied for now, at least untill next fall.




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