A couple of weeks ago I already shared some photo’s on Instagram (you can follow me @hannekeverstegn) of s shoot I was doing that day. For some reason I haven’t shared the finalized photo’s with you. Until now.

This shoot was all about hair and make-up so it had to be something different, experimental, not your every day style. Initially I was only asked to do the styling but later on I also ended up as a model. After we discussed the hair and make-up I really got inspired by the Oriental style as you can see. But to keep the focus on the hair and make-up I choose this really plain yellow dress from ZARA. By adding the Kimono we achieved the Oriental ethos which really complements the hair & make-up.

Anyway, I love to experiment with clothes but also with hair and make-up. That’s what I always envy about models and actresses, that they are transformed into a total different person by only changing your hair, clothes and make-up. And off course to have the photo’s as a keepsake. I love that I was a part of something like that for once and luckily I got the photo’s to prove it.



| Dress ZARA | Kimono ZARA |



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