Trend come and go and after many years of experimenting I feel like I’m finally getting closer to my ideal wardrobe. Mainly because the last few years I shop by the Pareto principle, also known as the 80–20 rule.

This means that 20% of what I’m buying is trendy or a real eye-catcher and 80% is timeless and of good quality. I also realized that 80% of the time I’m only wearing 20% of my wardrobe. I can go on forever because actually you can apply the 20/80 rule everywhere. But as I’m not here to lecture anyone I will stop here. I just love to wear black and jeans (80%) and something trendy (20%). So far a mathematical explanation of this outfit. If my math teacher explained it like this I probably would have paid more attention…..


| Jacket ZARA | Top ASOS | Jeans ZARA | Heels TOPSHOP | Bag CHANEL |


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