Although I’m always more of a looking forward than looking back person I took the time to browse to all of my looks and posts from the past year. I love how this blog is sort of an dairy for me, making sure I don’t forget all the things I’ve done and wore this past year. Some I would never wear again and some I still love today. Like my life, my style is still and always evolving and this year I’ve realized it will always will. Hopefully the year to come is even better than the past year, my list of goals is still long but I now know that’s just a good thing, it keeps me sharp and aware of the things in life I wanna do and that could be done. Besides from my list of goals I also want to start the year with a new motto; Decide what you want to be and go be it. This can be interpreted in many ways and that’s just what I love about it. I hope you all have your goals set for the new year that they all come true. I also want to thank my team for helping me this past year. I may appears to be all me on this blog but I could not do this without them. Thank you Emiel, love of my life, for creating this beautiful website and teaching me all their is to know about technology. Thanks to my big sister Marie-Jose who’s always been an inspiration for me and is also my part-time photographer and all time supporter. And last but not least a big thank you to Lex, my other photographer who totally takes my photo-shoots to to a higher level. Thank you all for your time and dedication, it means the world to me. Also I want to thank you for reading and following me this past year and hope to see you soon in the new year. For now I wish you all a happy New Year and enjoy the party tonight.

With love, Hanneke



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