Almost six months later than planned I’m finally posting this video. I originally planned to publish this video on my due date but one self-willed little girl decided to enter our world one day earlier. So off course I forgot all about it (and my blog) when I landed on cloud nine, were I’m still at and intend to stay forever.

So here are all of my favorite maternity looks thown together in one video, I hope you like it as much as I do. Sure brings back a lot of good memories for me.

Last but not least I like to welkom all of you new readers to my blog, I hope you like it! And all of you who have been here before, thank you for returning and sticking with me while I was gone. Hope you continue to come back and be inspired as you inspire me to keep posting. xo H



  1. June 09, 2015 by Sophie ter Aar

    Prachtig filmpje! Super om te zien hoe je zo mooi en classy blijft kleden, zeker weten een inspiratie voor velen (waaronder mij met nu nog een mini buikje hihi).

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