Yesterday I had a lovely day with my brother and sister in Antwerp and of course we did some shopping. And after some wandering around the city we walked by Massimo Dutti, my trained eye immediately saw some beautiful looks in the window. So of course we walked in and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. As you may know, or not know, Massimo Dutti is also a part of INDITEX, the investment group who ownes some of my favorite stores Zara and Bershka. Massimo Dutti is like an older, more mature sister of Zara. They offers basic, contemporary styles in innovative fabrics. Garments are of a high quality, while at the same time practical and comfortable. The last time I shopped there it didn’t leave a impression on me but yesterday it certainly did. I don’t know whether the collection changed or my taste but  this time I left with 2 pairs of shoes. Today I also checked out their webstore and I get the feeling these shoes are not the last things I bought there.



 Massimo Dutti Silver Ballarina

 Massimo Dutti High Heel Strappy Sandals


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