Our first day in Paris was well spend. We arrived around noon and after parking our car we immediately hit the city. Our first stop was Avenue George V, a perfect street which I never been before. We had some coffee at nice Parisian/Italian restaurant before we headed over to the Palais du Tokio. This was the first time for us to visit this modern museum and this time we came specially for the Chanel No 5 exhibition. A must see if you’re into Chanel No 5 or Chanel in general like I am. It really tell the story about her life and how she inspired by all the people and things around her, really inspirational.

After we left Palais du Tokio we went to check in in our hotel. This time I choose Hotel Jules for the night. A perfect situated and renovated boutique hotel that I can recommend to anyone who’s looking for a nice hotel in the center of Paris.

After we checked in and dropped off our stuff at the hotel we hit the city and did what I love best. We just had nowhere to go and just got lost, we walked aroud the Louvre and the Tuileries, sat on a terrace every now and then only to find our selfs back in the street of our hotel again. In short, the perfect afternoon. Maybe thats what I love about Paris so much now, I have been their many time and now I just don’t have to see the highlights anymore. I just can get get lost in the city, in the moment.

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