The perfect party is not complete without the perfect dress. That’s one of the reasons I always start the hunt for a perfect outfit as early as possible. Off course I also love the hunt it self, especially when you succeed, and you find that once piece you have been searching for. It can also be one hell of a stressful event I experienced so myself. After carefully sourcing the web and spitted trough all of my favorite stores I finally stumbled upon the perfect party dress for my 31th birthday. I ordered it 7 days before the date I actually needed it, well in time you would think. Well, think again. I ordered it on a Friday and received a message on Saturday it was already on it’s way, so far so good. I was literally jumping for joy when I received a text message on Tuesday that it would be delivered that day. Well that attempt failed cause the postman showed up at the fifthteen minutes no one was home that day. Agrrrrrrr, but he, a new attempt was planned for the next day so no worries. Well, more worries was yet to come when my parcel got stuck (or lost) in translation. So again the attempt to deliver my parcel failed. On Thursday I was getting a bit nervous when my parcel was still lost and attempt nr 3 again failed. After several desperate calls the helpdesk ensured me the parcel was not lost (just stuck) and would be delivered Friday morning. And a miracle happened, a received my parcel exactly on time, pfeew, my nerves started to calm down. No the only obstacle that was between me and my fabulous party dress was; the size. But, thank god, after all the delivery fuzz the dress fitted like a glove. The fit, the size, the color, everything was just perfect. A new gem in my closet that I will treasure for ever. Great clothes that carry great memories, and that’s a girl needs sometimes.

A dress like this does all the talking and doesn’t needs much fuzz in my opinion so I styled it with only black, simple and classic accessories.

| Dress Alexander Wang | Heels ZARA | Bag CHANEL | Tights Wolford |



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