From the moment I knew I was pregnant, and ok to be totally honest, from the moment I knew I wanted children I worried about how to dress while being the one  with a bump. Looking at traditional maternity wear and all magazines, shops and equally themed what-so-ever made me sad, really sad. Luckily the last couple of years this image has changed drastically and I’m determined to keep this trend going. Up until now, I’m almost half way, I still fit all of my own clothes so maintaining my own style is no problem so far. But I promised myself to stay as true to my own style as I possibly can, maybe I will not wear heels all day long anymore, I will keep wearing them when I can. And the same goes for short skirts,  fitted dresses and skinny jeans. I’m ready for the challenge.


| Shirt ZARA Men | Skirt ZARA | Bag CHANEL | Sunnies PRADA | Heels ZARA |



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