Just last week I was looking for a pair of shoes to go with my outfit when I noticed something. I noticed that flat shoes were almost filling up half of my shoe closet. Something I could have not imagined a year or so ago. But he, when you have to make changes, you better do it right. A whole new world opened up to me, the world of sneakers and other comfortable shoes. While in Paris I scored my favorite pair so far, the Kenzo eye sneakers. So easy to combine with everything from jeans to a black dress and so comfortable to wear. They are the proof that some changes are for the better, only now I have to make sure flats don’t take over the rest of my closet haha.


| Cardigan COS | T-shirt VOGUE PARIS VFNO | Jeans ZARA | Sneakers KENZO | Accessories CHANEL |



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