Is it weird to wear open toe or sandals in February? From my point of view not but some consider it not done. Aren’t you cold or don’t you have cold feet is a question a get a lot. Usually I’m not and when I am I do wear boots or socks. Even tough I think there’s still a huge difference between wearing sandals or pumps. Whenever shoes are closed I have less problem wearing them in February then a open toe or sandals. This year is different though, these days temperatures are rising till 15 degrees, pretty comfortable if you ask me. Although I usually draw the line at 20 degrees this year I could wait any longer. I just love to wear sandals, not for comfort but just because I love the look. The things we do for fashion, right.   | Jacket H&M | Baggy leather pants ZARA | heels ZARA | Scarf Vintage CHANEL | Clutch H&M | . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST |
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