Santorini beaches are world famous for the volcanic origin of the black sand beach of Perissa and Kamari so for our stay we choose an appartment near the beach of Perissa. Not only is this the place to be during the day, after the sun sets, the beachclubs turn into nightclubs and the restaurant have the most gorgeous views on the beach. It couldn’t get any more romantic and atmospferic then this. Even when your’e not a beach lover like me (I know it sound crazy but I hate the sand between my toes) you have to make a walk along these shores to experience these magical coastlines. So it only felt natural to wear this long black dress for the first time on this black beach. Black meets black, and off course a touch of turquoise as a hint of sea. Inspiration can come from anywere but nothing beats mother natures color combinations if you ask me.   | Dress ZARA | Heels ZARA | Necklaces Dyrberg/Kern | Bag & Sunnies CHANEL | Ring H&M | Bracelet Mango | . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST | TUMBLR |
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