So last week I was back in my much beloved city; Paris. The kick start of a short holiday before our baby girl arrives, these days also know as a babymoon haha (love that term) . Off course I had planned a short shopping spree but due to our late arrival (traffic jams) and an early meeting with friends I was forced to keep it even shorter. In preparation of my new life I was looking for a new pair of sneakers, I had my eye on 2 pairs after our last visit to Paris back in June, a pair form the Nike Style Lab and a pair I saw at Kenzo. Well, you can guess which pair I got now. For the occasion I was wearing on of my favorite dresses of late, another striped number that I also found at Zara. Although again it’s not officially maternity wear it still fits me perfectly. Combined with a pair of flats and my favorite accessories it still makes me feel ladylike in a time when comfort is key. . | Dress ZARA | Flats BODEN | Bag CHANEL | Sunnies PRADA | . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST | TUMBLR |
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The one thing that I can absolutely not live without (wardrobe wise) is a black dress. And this one in particular. Over the past twelve years that I have this special one in my possession it has proven it self over and over again. And even now, half way my pregnancy, I still can’t live without it. The funny thing is, I bought it on sale, back then from a unknown designer to me. Well, she not so unknown anymore. I’m talking a real Isabel Marant here. I must confess I really was in doubt when I bought it, even on sale it didn’t come cheap, but I’m still very happy I did. This dress also stands for all the things she still stands for now. Timeless, well-made classics. Proven once again that some things are worth investing in. . | Dress ISABEL MARANT | Flats BODEN | Bag LOUIS VUITTON Neverfull | Sunnies PRADA | . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST | TUMBLR |
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