As I already told you, the only thing disappointing about our trip to France was the weather. Most of the stuff I brought with me stayed locked up in my suitcase and I was forced to be a little creative with what I had with me. Now that’s a challenge I like to take on anywhere, anytime, except when I’m in Paris. Well anyway, I didn’t had much choice. So ended up wearing almost the same outfit on our 2nd day, I only wore a different shirt, flats i/o heels and a scarf around my head to spice things up a little. Now as you will probably know I love to wear a scarf around my head but this time I tried a new way (for me at least). I saw this on another blog (don’t remember were but google; ways to tie a scarf around your head) After some struggle I finally got it and now I’m hooked. Finally I tied the knot in Paris. If you want to know how, here’s how I did it: Take a long small or rolled up scarf, each hand holds one end, keep the middle under your hair in your neck. Wrap […]
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