So after wearing black and only black these past few weeks I was so ready to make a clean slate. And what better way to break a habit by doing the exact opposite. So an all white outfit it is. Besides black, white is my favorite color these days, I know it will never bore me. August is also always the month when I start with a clean slate wardrobe wise. I stop buying summer clothes and dive right into the new season. And this year I’m more excited then ever before. Planning my wardrobe beyond my pregnancy is something that really keeps me going (fashion wise) right now. Not that I don’t enjoy the physical state my body is in right now because I really love it, but let’s just say getting dressed is a lot easier  when your carrying around a baby belly. My first purchase are these super comfortable hairy sneakers. Perfect to wear now with bare legs and later on with pants or tights. They will be the base for my wardrobe this winter. A kick-off for my new style that will match my new lifestyle. Never thought that I would become someone that puts comfort […]
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