And again I’m wearing a black dress in Paris. The first thing that I always pack, no matter what my travel destination is. Only by now I’m starting to feel like it’s all I’m wearing these days. Maybe I can better start a new blog that only futures black dresses because if I could I would wear one every day. I really love them but sometimes it makes me feel a little helpless. Like I can’t come up with anything else to wear, even when I have plenty of other stuff. But  it’s just the one garment I feel most comfortable in these days. So now my next mission is to find a look that makes me feel just a comfortable as this one does because I don’t want to wear the same look over and over again till the end of October. Time to do some serious shopping, and no black dresses aloud. . | Dress COS | Flats DOLCE&GABBANA | Bag, Sunnies & Scarf All CHANEL  | . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST | TUMBLR |  
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When I’m in Paris I always feel like dressing up, maybe because dressing up here doesn’t feel so dressed up as it does back home. It feels natural because almost all of the men and women here look good.  Even now, 25 weeks into my pregnancy I still feel like dressing up every once in a while. And why shouldn’t I, I’m still the same woman I always was. I was never the one to show a lot of skin, but a  little black dress combined with heels was, and will always be, one of my favorite combinations to wear when I go out. Even a backless dress is still an option if you ask me. After all, get dressed is still all about feeling good in your own skin and showing off the best of you . Gladly some things don’t change, same woman new curves is my motto these days. .  | Dress ZARA | Heels MIU MIU | Bracelet CHANEL | . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST | TUMBLR |
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Last week is was time again for a little getaway to give my body and mind some well deserved rest. So all packed we left home for a few days on the countryside of France, followed by a few days in Paris. This year the weather was very cooperative so I packed a couple of very easy to wear dresses. And what better to pack than lots of stripes. I love stripes so much that I could literaly live in them every day, and in this cute village as well. In the morning we went out for fresh croissants and a baguette, very French off course. I decided to wear all of my favorite French stuff together, so it was stripes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and strappy sandals in the mix. I felt like a fish in the sea. | Dress TOPSHOP | Heels ZARA | Bag LOUIS VUITTON | Sunnies PRADA | Scarf Vintage CHANEL | . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST | TUMBLR |  
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