Me and some of my clothes we go a long way back, mainly because I’m so sentimental and recently also because I want to save some of my stuff for when Chloé gets older. But last december, as I took a good look at my overflowing closet I decided it was about time to let some of it go. So I teamed up with the girls from Fashion-Vintage and to sell some of my pre-loved stuff. So if your interested take a look at my boutique and buy, buy, buy. I will be adding some more pieces over the next couple of days so keep an eye on my social media of you want to be the first to know! xo Hanneke
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The last weekend before New Year I spend a few precious days with my familiy at this gorgeous castle near Maastricht, celebrating my parents 40th wedding anniversary. On days like these, when you don’t know what the activities will be, I always dress “safe” and so I usually make a combination of my favorite classics. This time I combined my pinstripe jacket (how classic can you go) with a pair of brogues (truly classics) and my ever favorite Chanel bag (classic of classics). Off course, the lastest addition to my vintage collection, a big Gucci scarf was not to be missed. Already such a big favorite that, I can tell you right now, you will see many more times to come. I guess everybody has his own favorites and classics that can’t be missed and these are definitely mine. . | Jacket MANGO | Pants H&M | Scarf Vintage GUCCI | Bag CHANEL | Shoes ZARA | . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST |  
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New year, new style is what I was thinking. As seen in my last post, The Blues, my black leather jacket is one item I wear on a daily basis almost year round. It give al my outfits a little more cool, from dresses to jeans. But as I’m not one who wants to wear the same things every day (I get bored very soon) it was about time that I found a stand-in for my most trusted wardrobe item. Not that this jacket will replace it but more like another option, a second choice. And it’s not really a leather jacket but it sure does has the same feeling, the coolness. I really love the combination of the leather sleeves and wool body, the golden accessories are also perfect. I hope that in time, while wearing it, it will age beautifully like a good leather jacket should do.   | Jacket ZARA | Sweater H&M | Jeans &OtherStories | Heels ZARA | Bag DIOR | Scarf Vintage GUCCI | . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST |
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