Yes, sure, the upcoming holiday’s are all about dressing up for me but what I almost never show is that I’m also a big fan of home and sportswear. When I come home I always immediately take off all my jewelry, wrap my hair in a bun and dress down. This usually means I’m wearing one of my many sweatpants and comfy sweaters. Off course, as the fashion girl I am, I always make sure I still look presentable. Washed out, sloppy or old pants and sweater are a absolute no go. So as a result I’m always on the hunt for the perfect suit. The last couple of years I have gathered a few favorite brands, my go to brands are DAZ (also great for sportswear), Rituals (love everything this brand makes) and off course my ever favorite H&M. But back to the holiday’s. The minute I spotted this blue suit at my (yawn) other ever favorite store (yep Zara)( you can yawn again if you please) I immediately saw my self wearing it at Christmas. Not all day of course and only at home. I saw myself being all comfortable yet stylish unwrapping all my gifts under the […]
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