For me Christmas is all about old and new traditions. Old traditions like dressing up and having dinner with my family and friends and new traditions in the making. As a mama I love to start new traditions, that hopefully ChloĆ© will remember and maybe continue once she gets older. One of the new traditions we are starting this year is adopting the typical American way of spending Christmas morning opening up presents underneath the Christmas tree. And off course we do it in style. No old pyjama‘s or washed out lounge-wear for us, but brand new, all black, easy going lounge-wear. For me it’s a comfortable 2 piece from Zara and for ChloĆ© a cool onesie from H&M. Because creating a tradition is one thing but looking good while doing so is just as important to me, especially when pictures are being taken. Can’t wait to look back in about 10 years from now. Then, I want to wish you all a fabulous Christmas with all of your loved ones and all of your favorite traditions. Hopefully you will also enjoy some great memories and traditions in the making.   xo Hanneke     Me | Sweater and pants […]
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