Every now and then, mostly when fall or spring starts, I get the desperate urge to change my whole interior. In the fall I like things to be cozy and warm and in spring I want it all to be fresh and clean. All very natural off course and like my closet my interior is ever evolving. Besides a few real design pieces I like to update it every now and then with some more affordable stuff like pillow covers from H&M. So last weekend we went to another favorite Swedisch store of mine, Ikea. Well, thank god for the Swedisch because when you look besides all the cheap stuff they also have a lot of good stuff. Like the “Stockholm” line for example. A bit more expensive then the rest but also a whole lot more design for your money’s worth. We bought this beautiful coffee table from the Stockholm line and a open cabinet with glass. And now it’all at it’s place I really feel like this is what we were missing all along. I love how some little adjustments can give such a  new vibe to the whole room.  I’m really satisfied for now, at least untill […]
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My favorite part of our home is the attic, no doubt about that. For me this was one of the reasons to buy this house when we came back to give it a second look. This big and open space, with closets on bot sides, gave me the ability to create a place just for me. A sanctuary, a place that, off course (duhh) screams fashion. So we moved in, painted the walls all white and started to decorate. I already hated the beige parquet floor from the beginning but because we had lots of other things that needed to be done we left it as it was. But last December I suddenly had enough of that ugly floor and we decided it was time to make a change. And let me tell you, I couldn’t be more happy, now all I’m thinking is; why didn’t we do this before. But he, I don’t want to look back, my office/walk-in-closet/myspace/paradise is just perfect now and I’m enjoying every minute I spend there. Really cool to see how a new floor can change the entire space and gives it such a modern look, even all my stuff looks new. Off course […]
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