As a denim designer and lover I’m always on the hunt for a new pair to add to my collection or to be inspired by. My latest score is this pair with patches from H&M. Somehow they always fit me perfectly and I love how they are always on top of the trends combined with a very affordable price. To create some balance I always combine pair of statement jeans like this with some modern classics like these simple strappy heels and a men’s shirt. And now that spring has officially arrived I wanted to wear my fur stola for one last time, I love how it brings just a bit of fun in all of my outfits. For now I hope I don’t need it anymore to keep me warm and that the sun will take over from here. I’m ready!   | Stola H&M | Shirt ZARA Men | Jeans H&M | Heels ZARA | . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST |
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