Even an avid heels wearer like me needs to give her feet a break every now and then. But when I do so I always make sure they are elegant. I love to wear simple ballet flats, loafers and classic Converse All Stars. And off course in summer time I opt for some fabulous sandals or slippers. These cute shimmering loafers were an end of the sales buy at Zara this summer but after wearing them I new why, they were not so comfortable at all. Blisters all over my heels were the result of a small walk from our car to the hotel in Paris last September. So far no good. Luckily I always make sure I have lots of shoes to choose from when I travel. Back home I ignored them for a while after deciding to give them a second chance and brought them to my shoemaker. And voilà, one little patch was all I needed for my twinkle flats to be comfortable after all. | Jacket ONLY | Sweater KENZO | Pants H&M | Loafers ZARA | Clutch ZARA | Watch Michael Kors | . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST […]
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I’m a bit behind on my blog post lately but there’s just to much to share these days. Already 2 weeks ago I left for Paris, this time not for my pleasure only but mainly to support my boyfriend who was visiting the Maison & Objet just outsite Paris. So Friday afternoon we finally arrived in the city of love, after our favorite waste of time, strolling arround the city and hanging out a several cafe’s, our first day already came to an end.  The next day my boyfriend headed for the fair very early and left me all along in the city. My first time ever alone in Paris, so what was I gonna do?? Shop off course!! All day I pretended to be a parisienne by traveling on the metro alone, eating fresh baked croissants, shopping at Rue Saint Honoré and so on. Now I don’t have to tell you that I had the best of time and off course I scored some nice new stuff along the way. The only thing I don’t recommend is entering the Chanel Maquillage store alone and getting your make-up done by a Chanel proffessionel. I’m no pussy when it comes to […]
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