If you would ask me 2 years ago which era schould never return fashion wise I would have said the nineties, no doubt about that. But like all things in fashion, one day you will find yourself wearing it, (for some of us) again, and loving it, again. Off course, you take the best parts out and leave the rest were it belongs, on fashions graveyard. Some things have to grow on you and somethings you like immediately. Things that deffinitely had to grow (back) on me were slippers and sneakers but wearing a skirt over pants is something I immediately loved again. It’s perfect for winter, when you don’t want to wear thights and yet not freeze your legs off. It’s also adds some grunge to my looks, just what you need sometimes to spice things up a little bit. So what do you think, are you ready to wear your skirts over pants again? After my first attempt, which was succesfull in my eyes I went for this all leather look. By keeping it all black it’s about as much gurnge as it gets for me, for now. | Sweater ZARA | Skirt OASIS | Pants H&M | […]
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