One of the best parts about my job is that I get to watch a lot of fashion shows. Not live, as I only tend to get few invitations, but I always have a front-row seat from behind my own desk. Attending a real live Chanel show is still my biggest wish (fashion wise) but that’s a total different story. For now I just wanted to tell you about what I have learn from watching fashion shows. On and off the runway it’s all one big pile of inspiration, a great learning school if you know how and were to look. Because, for the most of us all the looks we get to see are totally out of reach, budget wise, but styling wise there is al lot to learn. And the best part, it’s all for free. Like for example the way I’m wearing this scarf. I immediately fell for this look when I saw it on the Burberry runway 2 years ago. And I still love it now. And this is just one of them. So next time you watch a fashion show, real live or online, watch closely¬†and release your inner stylist.   | Dress ZARA | […]
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