Sometimes your’e so happy with a new purchase but later on you feel even more happy about it. Well that’s exactly the case with these boots. I loved them since they first arrived but now they have proven to be super comfortable and giving a luxury touch to any outfit. After not wearing  boots for a long time these ones surly made me loving boots again. This time I combined them with a A-line skirt, a cable sweater and the jacket I can’t do without. Succes guaranteed. | Jacket H&M | Sweater ZARA | Skirt ASOS | Boots NELLY | Bag CHANEL | . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST |
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Over knee boots, or OKB’s,  can be a tricky item but  I have always loved them. None the less, you don’t want to end up looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. One of the reason I always style mine in a classic way. Preferably with a dress, sometimes with skinny jeans a la Kate Moss. She definitely know how style hers, but then again, she looks good in anything right.  Back to my outfit and these boots. I first spotted them in last month’s Glamour magazine and fell in love immediately. Like so many things seen in magazines I always find them hard to track down and when I do finally find them the usually are; 1 Overpriced, 2 Don’t look as good in real life, 3 not my cup of tea after all. Well I’m sure you can guess this was not the question with these babies. I think we are going to walk many miles together, comfortable and chic, just what I needed. | Dress Zara | Boots NLY | Bag and Sunnies CHANEL | Jewelry Christian Dior |   | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST |
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