In about four weeks I’m leaving for an early summer get a way to the beautiful island of Curaçao. You can only imagine how excited I am and that’s exactly why I have started a sort of a countdown. From this week on I’m on the hunt for the perfect islands wardrobe. I’m will be digging out my closet, take notes from previous holiday pictures, shopping and flipping trough magazines to gather the perfect holiday wardrobe. One thing that I’m already sure about is that I’m sticking to my color palette packing like I did last year when we visited Santorini. A palette of whites, black, blue and turquoise is all that will be allowed in my suitcase. This makes it so much more easier to make new combination on the spot when I don’t have my whole closet to my disposal. These gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana Belucci slingbacks definitely earned their spot in my suitcase last year so they will for certain join me this year. The white skirt is also a good option and a sweater to keep me warm at night or on the plane never fails to. Let the suitcase diaries start! | Sweater ZARA | Skirt […]
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Besides checks and pinstripes, the classic pied-de-poule is the hottest print in town this season. This classic print so strong it can be used for all types of accessories and garments. I think it also remains it’s popularity because it’s so easy to combine and translates so well into any season and wardrobe. Whether you wear it with jeans for some weekend shopping like I did or all dressed up for a party, anything goes. I love this classic now and forever. . | Jacket ZARA | Sweater J.CREW | Jeans ZARA | Bag Chloe | Heels ZARA | . | Follow me on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | PINTEREST |TUMBLR |
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