If I was to choose just 1 day outfit to wear the entire season it would be this look. I can honestly say that these are the most worn items in my closet. A smoking blazer, black skinny’s, a fine knitted sweater and ankle boots. In this outfit I can go to my work, visit clients, work from home, go out shopping or even hang out with friends. It’s truly my uniform. It’s comfortable yet dressed up, but yet not to dressed up (at least I think so) it’s safe and I feel good in it. That’s always the most important thing for me I guess, my look has to make me feel secure. If something does not give me confidence than I will not wear it.  In my opinion dressing is about boosting confidence, if you look good then you feel good. Then, and only then, it can become an uniform.   | Jacket H&M | Sweater H&M | Trousers COS | Booties ZARA |  
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