So while I’m back home again I still have some photo’s I would like to share with you from my recent holiday. I took lots of time to relax and neglected my blog a bit to really get the rest I was longing for for a while. Although I enjoyed every minute of it I’m also always very happy to be home again and get back to work. And what a warm welcome it was, I mean literally, from the snow we jumped right into spring with temperatures of 20 degrees. But for now, back to last week, were the weather was also much warmer then normal at this time of year. Although I liked the fact that it was so warm I could easily do without a coat I was also a bit sad that lots of the snow was already gone. Normally the landscape is all white but now a lot of green was already showing. Luckily the sun made up for a lot of it and while out for our daily walk I made the most out my scuba sweater. It’s so soft and unbelievably warm that it went perfectly with my faux leather pants that I […]
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