Can you wear a coat as a dress? Of course you can. Just simply put on a pair of opaque tights, add a belt and a pair of fabulous heels. No one will notice the difference.   | Coat and Sweater ZARA | Tights WOLFORD | Heels SOPHIA WEBSTER | Sunnies PRADA |
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Special occasions are always a good excuse to purchase something really special. And with something really special I mean serious designer stuff. So last year, when my hormones were at an all time high I spotted the most gorgeous Sophia Webster heels online. Not your everyday splurge but really something for a special occasion. And of course I had just the perfect occasion in mind, our baby girls first party to introduce her to all of our family, friends and acquaintances. A few days later a big gift box arrived at my door and when I opened it I jumped for joy. They were perfect except for 1 minor detail, they didn’t fit. Being 8 months pregnant does not go so well with high heels, especially high heels with narrow ankle straps. But I kept faith that after giving birth it all would go back to its normal size. And as you can see, luckily it did. 4 weeks after giving birth I was wearing these beauties for ChloĆ©‘s first party.   | Jacket H&M | Jeans ZARA | Bag ZARA | Heels SOPHIA WEBSTER | Sunnies PRADA |
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