The art of dressing is a craftsmanship that I have been trying to master since I started experimenting with clothes in my early teens. The last two or tree years I was finally getting the feeling that I was getting pretty close to my ideal wardrobe. And I have to admit, internet and this fashion blog really helped me along the way. Taking inspiration from others, testing it and then seeing it back on screen really gave me a idea of what is working for me and what definitely is not (pictures don’t lie I learnt). I got to know my body and personality really well and felt like my perfect wardrobe was for 90 % clear. Well, I can tell you now, that this pregnancy really trough me back to base. Suddenly the rules of the games have changed and all I can do is try to adapt. Not an easy task but up until now I feel like I can manage it. Maybe all those years of experimenting were good for something after all.


| Jacket, Dress and Heels all ZARA | Clutch TOPSHOP | Sunnies PRADA |



  1. June 10, 2014 by CoolAllure

    Great look! Love the dress and those shoes!

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