You would almost forget it but besides the unforgettable experience we had Friday I also finally got the Chanel bag I promised myself for my 30th birthday.

It was not easy deciding what to choose in a store full of eyecandy but whit help from my sister I managed to stay cool and pick the perfect bag for me. Up front I didn’t had an clear picture in my mind of what I wanted to have, the only criteria that was on my list; gold hardware, suited for evening and a crossbody chain. So when I spotted this baby in the showcase in the middle of the store I knew this could be the one, and after I tried it on I was sure. This would be the perfect little sister for my large 2.55 and the perfect addition to my designerbag collection. To finish the look I also got the matching sunglasses that were on top of my list for a long time. I left the store as a very happy girl, I got all that I wanted, and now it’s time to enjoy it.




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