So last Thursday my official birthday was there and to celebrate my lover and I planned a small getaway to one of Holland’s capitals, The Hague. I choose to go here because till the end of March 2014 you can visit the exhibition Chanel; The Legend at the Gemeentemuseum. And as a true Chanel lover this exposition in my own country was not to be missed. The exhibition tells you the story of the life of Coco Chanel. From her early childhood, her life in Paris, how she build her business and off course all her lovers. If, like me, you already have read some books about Chanel, you will probably know most of the stories, but somehow it stays very inspiring. At least to me. This exposition is besides all the story of a fashion designer, also about a woman who was very much in control of her life and also ahead of her time. Maybe, to me, that’s even more inspiring than all the beautiful things she created. So in the end, even if you’re are not into the designs of Coco Chanel, this exhibition is a real must see. And if you do love her designs then it’s also a great way to relive her story and see some historical pieces in real life. I know I have enjoyed every minute of it.

| GemeenteMuseum Den Haag |



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