Sometimes you see a woman so stylish and pretty you just wanna be her and rip the clothes just right of her back. Well of course you never do but trying so achieve the same look is something I try very often. Just a few weeks ago, when shopping in Antwerp, I saw this beautifull lady who was wearing sort of the exact outfit I´m wearing now. I loved the long coat and jeans combination instandly. It looked so effortlessly chic, like she just walked out of the latest copy of French Vogue. Off course you have to make any look your own otherwise you just become a bad copy of your inspiration and yourself. I feel pretty comfortable and “me” in this outfit so I think my attempt has succeed this time.


| Trench ZARA | Top COS | Jeans H&M | Bag LOUIS VUITTON | Flats BODEN |



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