Looks like an old friend of mine is back and he’s here to stay for good. You either love him or hate him but from now on there no way arround it annymore. So take a stand and stick to it, no need to tell you which camp I choose. I know it’s not the most easy style to wear since they don’t fit every body type very easily. But if you find the perfect one than they will serve you well. A good pair will make your legs go on for miles and slims your waist to its very best point. Mine is always high waisted and super long so I can wear them with my highest heels. If you weren’t a fan already maybe you are now.


| Jacket ZARA | Top COS | Jeans MANGO | Bag + broche CHANEL | Necklace PIECES |

| Heels FENDI | Ring YSL | Sunglasses PRADA |

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  1. May 16, 2015 by giana

    Good to see your blog up! What can I say but lovely jacket and adoring that chain chanel brooch.


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