The one thing that I can absolutely not live without (wardrobe wise) is a black dress. And this one in particular. Over the past twelve years that I have this special one in my possession it has proven it self over and over again. And even now, half way my pregnancy, I still can’t live without it. The funny thing is, I bought it on sale, back then from a unknown designer to me. Well, she not so unknown anymore. I’m talking a real Isabel Marant here. I must confess I really was in doubt when I bought it, even on sale it didn’t come cheap, but I’m still very happy I did. This dress also stands for all the things she still stands for now. Timeless, well-made classics. Proven once again that some things are worth investing in.


| Dress ISABEL MARANT | Flats BODEN | Bag LOUIS VUITTON Neverfull | Sunnies PRADA |



  1. May 06, 2016 by Jorja

    Your story was really iniatmorfve, thanks!

  2. May 16, 2016 by cheap insurance

    When you think about it, that’s got to be the right answer.

  3. I have a one year old parakeet that says everything I do!! Crazy how smart something so small can be. My particular budgie has very good pronunciation and emphasises every word to the “t”. Only learning things withing two or so days, I have to be very careful!

  4. September 13, 2016 by 7 days insurance

    I really love what you show and write here, Rune! It gives such happiness.So glad you have a place like that. It is so necessary.I have a rare picture of policemen on a bench. Taken with stealth. :)But no hurry. Take your time. Enjoy your time.

  5. November 25, 2016 by http://www./

    My eyes, my eyes!!! Just kiddin', but that is one bright card! ;D haha…To comment on what you shared about your weight, I've changed pants about a dozen times on mornings this week, which obviously reminded me that too much stamping and not enough spinning class means one size up in the pants department… *sigh* I'm trying to just suck it in until I start again with badminton twice a week and spinning class on Fridays in September. Can't come soon enough! I'll bring my pompoms with me to Chibougamau… ;)Cindy

  6. February 28, 2017 by http://www./

    Så bra, at det hele endte godt! Men det er klart, slikt blir en jo nesten nervøs av. Skjønner godt at du har vært spent.Tusen takk for den koselige kommentaren på bloggen min. Den satte jeg veldig pris på!

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