Even an avid heels wearer like me needs to give her feet a break every now and then. But when I do so I always make sure they are elegant. I love to wear simple ballet flats, loafers and classic Converse All Stars. And off course in summer time I opt for some fabulous sandals or slippers. These cute shimmering loafers were an end of the sales buy at Zara this summer but after wearing them I new why, they were not so comfortable at all. Blisters all over my heels were the result of a small walk from our car to the hotel in Paris last September. So far no good. Luckily I always make sure I have lots of shoes to choose from when I travel. Back home I ignored them for a while after deciding to give them a second chance and brought them to my shoemaker. And voilĂ , one little patch was all I needed for my twinkle flats to be comfortable after all.

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  1. December 13, 2013 by Annette

    Another beautiful look and you balanced fur, leather and sparkle in such a sophisticated way! Love your sense of style.
    Yesterday I bought a black fur coat and will style it with my leather trousers, thanks for the inspiration!

    Annette | Lady of Style

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