Special occasions are always a good excuse to purchase something really special. And with something really special I mean serious designer stuff. So last year, when my hormones were at an all time high I spotted the most gorgeous Sophia Webster heels online. Not your everyday splurge but really something for a special occasion. And of course I had just the perfect occasion in mind, our baby girls first party to introduce her to all of our family, friends and acquaintances. A few days later a big gift box arrived at my door and when I opened it I jumped for joy. They were perfect except for 1 minor detail, they didn’t fit. Being 8 months pregnant does not go so well with high heels, especially high heels with narrow ankle straps. But I kept faith that after giving birth it all would go back to its normal size. And as you can see, luckily it did. 4 weeks after giving birth I was wearing these beauties for Chloé‘s first party.


| Jacket H&M | Jeans ZARA | Bag ZARA | Heels SOPHIA WEBSTER | Sunnies PRADA |

  1. June 24, 2015 by the style crusader

    Whoa, your shoes are amazing! You are right, they are so special! They totally add an edge of glamor to your look. Really like the sophisticated look. So pretty!


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