Before our 2 day stay in Paris we also enjoyed some very relaxing days with our family in the country side of France. Everything was just perfect these days, the company, the food, the wine and just relaxing and doing nothing for a change was more then perfect. The only thing not so perfect was the weather. While we left Holland the predictions were pretty good, sadly it only got worse. So I was forced to wear jeans and a sweater the whole time instead of all the nice things I brought with me(not so bad, pretty comfortable but not for making blog pics) . During a spare moment of sun we did managed to shot this outfit, the clothes I was planning on wearing. The heels we just for the photo, as you can imagine, I only wore comfortable footwear, like my favorite slippers haha. Luckily Paris got a lot more fashionable, pictures coming soon! xo H.

| Top StijlMode | Pants H&M | Heels Zara | Bracelet Anna Dello Russo at H&M | Sunnies Mango | Ring Piedras Amsterdam |




  1. May 14, 2013 by heidi

    Love the heels!!

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