Last Sunday, when we shot these photo’s, the streets were still covered with snow but a few rainy hours later it was all gone.

So back to my yellow sweater, as I told you yesterday, yellow and I have quite a history. We started out not the be friends at all. As I was growing up, my mother concluded that pink just wasn’t my color, with the result that I was forced to wear yellow while my big sister wore pink. This even resulted in everything in yellow for me and everything pink for my sister. Off course every little girl wants to wear, live, eat and breathe pink so as you can understand I had a really rough childhood haha. Like in many cases, when I got older, I realized my mother was right, or at least, partially. Yellow really suits me in many ways and will always be one of my favorite colors. But that doesn’t stop me from wearing pink every now and then.

| Jacket Zara | Sweater H&M | Trouser Zara | Boots Asos | Gloves H&M | Bag Zara |





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